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How to visit Mysore on a budget?

The Sandalwood City, Mysore!
 Popularly known as the Sandalwood City, Mysore is the third largest city in the state of Karnataka. The city is also famous for its amazing historic Royal heritage. The city was the capital of Kingdom of Mysore for more than five centuries. The city has amazing places to visit, most notably the Mysore Palace.
 Here are some of our top picks from Mysore:
Brindavan Gardens, Mysore
Adjoining the River Kaveri, the Brindavan Gardens were built around 1930. It is quite a popular place and receives a footfall of over 2 million people every year.
Mysore Palace
The official residence of the Royals of Mysore, the construction of the place was completed in 1912. The architecture of the palace is a perfect blend of Rajput, Muslim as well as Gothic and Hindu style.
Karanji Lake
Spread across an area of over 55 acres, the lake has a Butterfly Park and Indias biggest walkthrough Aviary in India.
St Philomena’s Church
Built in the year 1936, The St. Philomena’s Cathedral is one of the tallest church, not just in India but Asia as well. The church has twin spires which are about 175 feet in height and the church also has a statue of St. Philomena
The city of Mysore is full of such amazing surprises and visiting them all is now even more convenient and cheaper due to amazing hourly booking options of Frotels.