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We all have witnessed solo-travellers through various media such as social media, t.v, newspaper etc. and once in a while, some thoughts might have engulfed in your mind regarding these adventures – How they dare to go solo? What about their safety? How they trust strangers? All this might amaze us but have we noticed that the majority of the solo travellers are ‘MEN’, how many women solo travellers have we seen? Maybe a few or countable ones.

Why is this so? Is it that women don’t like to travel? Or they don’t like to travel alone?

Well, there are many things to consider for a solo-woman traveller :

Safety – Safety is the prime reason which deters women from travelling alone. Women have to take special precaution about their safety while travelling alone. They’ve to avoid travelling through secluded places or isolated places, avoid taking public transport without a fellow women passenger, avoid dim lit roads etc. Every wrong step can prove fatal to their safety. Also, when it comes to hotel selection, choosing the right hotel is utmost important. The hotel should not be far from the city centre, should have a well-trained staff and special provision to keep her contact and room details private and intact.

Hygiene – Hygiene is also an important factor for women travellers. She must ensure that the place she travels must have proper washrooms, clean restrooms and overall a hygienic appeal. Also, when it comes to hotel selection the same criteria is applied.

Isn’t there a solution to solve this problem?

Somewhat Yes! Frotels try to solve the hotel safety issue for the solo women traveller, from women-business traveller to adventurist, every woman will feel safe and secured at our hotels. Furthermore, Frotels – Hotels by Hours also offer hotels on an hourly basis, so if a woman has to rest for some hours or have to wait for a bus or train or avoid waiting at unsafe public places then she can avail our hourly hotel room booking services and only pay for the hours consumed.
So Ladies, next time when you opt for a hotel room booking, log on to and safeguard your privacy.