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Indian Pilgrimage – The harsh truth!

Pilgrimage in India

India is a culturally diverse country where each religion exhibits many diverse branches of workship, offering and belief. India can unarguably be considered as a devotional paradise housing largest number of pilgrim sites in the entire world. From Shirdi to Tirupathi, Ajmer Sharif to Haji Ali Dargah and from Golden Temple to Basilica of Bom Jesus you will never miss a pilgrim site across every corner in India. Also, the number of people visiting these places has increased manifold year by year. The Maha Kumbh Mela, the largest pilgrim gathering in the world has seen a record 120 million pilgrims in the year 2019. Double the population of the UK or France!

The mighty Tirupathi Balaji temple holds the record of being the richest and the most visited temple of the world. This temple is situated in the city of Tirupati which is in the Chittoor district of the state Andhra Pradesh. The temple is visited by 50000 to 100000 pilgrims daily! This, in turn, gives a major boost to the hotel and tourism industry in Tirupati. These hotels remain at full occupancy round the year, so if you are planning to seek blessings at the beloved temple then you have to plan days before your actual scheduled trip.

Over occupancy and a long waiting list is a must-have while visiting any of the popular Indian pilgrimages. Pilgrims wish to freshen up, rest for few hours and then move ahead to seek blessings.

But, do pilgrims really get access to all these services? Do the hotels cater to all their needs?                 

The answer is No, a BIG NO!                                                                                                               

Due to a large number of pilgrims, availability of resources gets strained, the limited number of hotels cannot occupy such a large number of guests, resulting to stranded devotees waiting in a bee-line queue to avail the public services which in most of the cases are unhygienic and in poor condition. It’s their faith in their God and the power of devotion that carries them through the struggle to seek blessings.
Don’t you think that each and every devotee has the right to avail proper services and comfort? Majority of the devotees are outstation tourists which means that they are already tired from their long journey.

Is there a solution to this overpopulation cum crisis?

Well at Frotels we try to take a dig at this problem with a unique approach. Frotels – Hotel by hours offer hotel room bookings on an hourly basis i.e you can book rooms from 2 hours onwards based on your choice and convenience. So you pay for the hours you stay and not for an entire day. Also, you can check-in at your booked time and not worry about the conventional 12 p.m check-in time.                     

So how does Frotels – Hotels by Hours solve the problem?

Renting rooms on an hourly basis allows hotels to earn extra revenue which in turn leads to their affordability to provide proper essential amenities to their customers. Frotels – Hotels by Hours makes sure that all their customer enjoy their time at the stay while seeking tons of blessings for their well being. Next time you decide to visit a pilgrimage make sure you book your stay at (Frotels – Hotels by Hours) to enjoy hassle-free stay and services.