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Hotels in Panaji on Hourly Basis


 The capital of India’ favourite party destination Goa, Panaji!
Goa is considered to be the one-stop party spot for most ofthe Indians. Panaji, a sweet little town with a population of not more than 1.2 lakhs is the biggest urbanagglomeration of Goa. The uniquely coloured villas of Panaji help retain the Portuguese feel of the town.
Here are some amazing points of interest in Panaji:
*Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church
Originally built in 1541 to fulfil the religious needs of the Portuguese sailors, it acquired the status of Parish in 1600. It hosts the second largest church bell in Goa.
*Adil Shah  Palace
Popularly known as Panaji’s oldest building, the Adil Shah Palace was built in 1500. Serving as the king’s summer palace it boasted an impressive arsenal of 55 canons.
An ancient Latin quarter, the Fontainhas still reminds its visitor the rich Portuguese influence on the city.
*18th June Road
One of the busiest streets of Goa, the 18th June Road is a heaven for a shopper.
*Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary
Named after popular Indian ornithologist SalimAli, the sanctuary is located on the island of Chorão.
*Kala Academy
Managed by the Government of Goa, The Kala Academy serves a showplace of Rich Cultural Heritage of Goa.