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Hotels in Vijayawada on Hourly Basis

Having the Budameru River to its North and Indrakiladri Hills to its west, the prosperous city of
Vijayawada is situated on the banks of River Krishna. The city of Vijayawada is also known as the heart of
Andhra Pradesh. The discovery of Stone Age artifacts along with being one of the main business centres
in Andhra Pradesh indicates that the city has one foot in the past while other in the future!
Here are our top picks for amazing places in Vijayawada:
Prakasam Barrage
With a height of 1223. 5 metre, The Prakasam Barrage was completed in the year 1855. Also being a road bridge it hence serves as one of the favourite tourist spots of the city.
Mogalarajapuram Caves
An evidence of the rich history of Vijayawada, The Mogalarajapuram Caves are said to have been built in the 5th Century. The Ardhanaiswara idol over there is one of the main highlights of the cave.
Kondapalli Fort
Once used as a military training base, The Kondapalli Fort was originally built for the purpose of recreation. The Kondapalli Village near this 7th Century fort is famous for its colourful toys.
Gandhi Hill
A memorial of Gandhi was built on this Hill in 1968 which is accompanied by a Gandhi Memorial Library.
Victoria Museum
Built in the year 1887, this museum houses some of the amazing collections of stone-age tools, gold coins and plates made of copper among many other amazing things.
Undavalli Caves
Also built in the 7th century, the Undavalli caves are a fine example of ancient architecture and are located at a distance of 8km from the city.