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Business Travel

Business man waiting at Airport

Who are business travellers?

Business travellers are those employed executives who travel for their company’s business-related work, for eg., travel for a meeting, conference, provide service at client location or for marketing and sales purposes. Business travellers are generally white-collar employees whose purpose of travel can generate the impactful outcome for the company. The mode of transport can vary from business to business and it depends on the assigned expenditure allotted by the company to sponsor the travel expenditure.

What are the problems faced by business travellers?

Any mode of travel is tiring, whether it be airways, roadways, railways etc. Since the responsibility is high for business travellers to represent their company, these executives must be relieved from all kinds of stress and tiredness. Companies ensure that these individuals are taken care of, but in many cases, things don’t fall on the proper track. Delay in flights, trains, haphazard check-in time, transit point delay etc. are the common preys for the business travellers. Undoubtedly they have to wait for some hours adding to the stress and a potent risk to their health. 

How these problems can be undone?  

Frotels offer a unique solution to business travellers. Frotels offer hourly stays for corporate travellers/business travellers, which means they can book and stay in a hotel room for a few hours and flush away the stress caused by the wait. The comfort that a hotel room provides is much better than the wait at the public places. Also, they will have to pay for the hours that they booked the room for and not for the entire day, a win-win situation for the company and employers alike. Better rest is directly proportional to a better outcome, still finding the right hotel? Come to Frotels.