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About us

Frotels are hotels by hours! There are many incidences when one needs to use hotels for short or micro stay, and hotels too offer their uncommitted inventories to fulfill such requirements.

And globally these hotels are known by different names, when they are used in different context of use, like...

Transit Hotels

Micro/Short Stay Hotels

Freshen Up Hotels

Day Use Hotels

Hourly Hotels

The team at Frotels always felt the need to bridge the gap between - the customers who wanted an unconventional way of hotel booking on hourly basis and the hotels that can utilize, enhance the revenues by selling their uncommitted inventories.

To meet this need, the Team - Frotels has come up with a unique and innovative platform to endure fast and dynamic hotel bookings on hourly basis.

"FROTELS" is one common name invented by us to represent all such hotels by hours world wide!

If you think, the way we think to remove the stigma of using hotels by hours, Welcome aboard!

So next time simply say & do    "#BookaFrotel"     whenever you want to book hotels by hours!!