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The Myth around couple friendly hotels :

Indian couples


The general definition of a couple-friendly hotel means a hotel that welcomes unmarried couples as their guests. These hotels respect their privacy and do not judge them. To provide hassle-free check-ins these hotels take specials efforts and provide good services, thus a win-win situation for couples who intend to spend quality time together. Furthermore, hoteliers bank on this opportunity as providing rooms for couples increase their bookings and add extra revenue to the hotel’s business.

Can unmarried couples hire a hotel for their private time?

Yes! Why not?

The Indian Constitution allows us to do so. It is not illegal or wrong for unmarried couples to book a hotel room and stay together. No law prevents them from staying in the hotel with their loved ones. In fact, denying a hotel room to unmarried couples is a violation of their fundamental rights. It’s a straight forward lie that people have been telling and the mentality of a conservative society that restricts them.

Adults(18 years and above) with a valid id card (aadhar card, passport, driving license etc.) can book a hotel room and stay together.

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